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Go4it is the only program in Kenya that comprehensively understands the plight of the millenniums, discovering and translates their potential into a catalyst of economic transformation. This is made possible through empowerment and inspiration provided by professional gurus & business veterans to mould the star out of them.

Our Vision

To empower and inspire the millennial to impact the society in a more meaningful and in transformative ways.

Experience the Go4it Guide

The purpose of the guide is to provide a road map for the Go getter clubs, management, operation and leadership. The goal of the entire guide includes; improving effectiveness, mutual relation among the go getters, developing skills and leadership.

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what is go4it?

Go4it is a programme based platform aimed at inspiring and empowering the Go Getters to unlock their potential.

who founded this cause?

Go4it was founded by Sleepy David, a profound actor, Script writer and the Kenya most beloved entertainer.

What are the programs?

The Go4it programmes harbors an array of projects focused to engage and empower the youth through unique programmes such as economic Empowerment, Opportunities Linkages, Mentorship & Lifestyle skills

What is the role of a club

Clubs provide a unique opportunity of assembly to members with a common purpose and agenda.

Why Mentorship?

We run a mentorship program to millennial in order to increase and share valuable skill to approach life with stubborn determination to Go4it.

where you located?

We are located in Freedom House, Off Ring Road Lane – Westlands, P.O. Box: 30762 – 00100, Nairobi – Kenya

how do you offer support?

We pride ourselves in having sustainable strategies that work. Through the clubs formulated, we plunge in mentorship support which often leads to opportunity creation spearheaded by individuals in the clubs to ensure that their projects are running and under guidance.

who are your partners?

In the field of opportunities and mentorship programmes, we have and intend to partner up with institutions or organizations which have the same vision with us to help assist the youth unlock their potential.

How do you inspire?

We think it has something to do with trust, acceptance, encouragement and a little talent in enthusiasm and motivation.

any sponsored case

Having done 4 events in Thika, Kiambu, Githurai and Ngara, we have managed to have not less than 25,000 youth in attendance and as a result managed to take 3 identified individuals back to school and Sh. 18,000 worth of amount to kick start businesses from our forums.

Where do you operate from?

We have kick-started a ripple of programmes in areas considered as Ghettos (Slums) as we move out of Nairobi to handle the grassroots and before year 2020 we are hopeful to have covered 48% of Kenya.

working hours?

We operate on weekdays and partially on weekdays that is, 9AM – 4PM – Weekdays & 10AM – 2PM on Weekends.

How do i contact you?

Please send us an email on and we’ll be glad to respond to you within 30 hrs.

About Us

Our Story

Go4it is a programme based platform aimed at inspiring and empowering the go getters to unlock their potential. The Go4it program was founded by Sleepy David; a Profound actor, Script writer and Kenyan most beloved Stand Up Entertainer.

The Go4it programmes harbours an array of projects focused to engage and empower the youth through unique programmes such as; Economic Empowerment and Campaigns, Opportunities Linkages, Mentorship and Lifestyle Skills.

Our works

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Learn about how Youth in Go4it are working their way to the top through meaningful and active participation and it gave me a sense of hope in changing the lives of young people around the me.

James Gitonga

Attended one of your functions in Kiambu and I was Impressed. No Organizations was involved like how you guys were. I appreciate this cause & count me in anyday.

Client Since 1995

“This is something that has to be born inside of you” – That is what Shiko thinks about having passion to serve others and put them ahead of everything.

Client Since 1995

I remember signing up for coaching and in next week I was linked with someone to take me through the coaching process. I now have something am doing and a mentor also. Thank you #Go4it be blessed!

Client Since 1995


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