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Go4it is a programme based platform aimed at inspiring and empowering the go getters to unlock their potential. The Go4it program was founded by Sleepy David; a profound actor, script writer and Kenyan most beloved Stand Up Entertainer.


The Go4it programmes harbours an array of projects focused to engage and empower the youth through unique programmes such as; Economic Empowerment and Campaigns, Opportunities Linkages, Mentorship and Lifestyle Skills.

The ultimate aim of the Go4it program is to reach out and enlighten the youth to tap and rediscover their potential in order to make a significant contribution to the world economy.

To engage the Go Getters from the learning institutions, churches, formal and informal settlement through life changing events to impact their quality lives.

To empower and inspire the millennial to impact the society in a more meaningful and in transformative ways.

Go4it is the only program in Kenya that comprehensively understands the plight of the young people, discovering and translates their potential into a catalyst of economic transformation. This is made possible through empowerment and inspiration provided by professional gurus and business veterans to mould the star out of them.

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